Our concept

Here’s a lil peek at what we get up to when we take Bae out for a stroll 👀 Shot whilst having an awesome time at Swafff this year! Great festival, lovely people and even better beer 🍻🍔

Pistola is a fresh take on the street food scene in Brussels putting quality before quantity.

We figured simple is always best, so we kept it that way: burgers & beers. Our unique burger blend is made fresh everyday using premium Irish Aberdeen Black Angus beef, procured from a small farm in Cork, Ireland. No funny business, just a sprinkle of salt before the grill is all the seasoning needed - we let the meat speak for itself. We even render down our beef fat to add that extra punch of flavour!

Our delicious brioche buns? Also made fresh. Everyday. In Brussels.

Besides our burgers, we also serve some cracking craft beers. Be they local or from further abroad, there’s a flavour for every taste bud.


Get in touch to rent our food truck for private & corporate events.